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When I first signed up as a Stella & Dot stylist, it was all about sharing the style. Getting ready in the morning became a lot more fun having an incredible Stella & Dot jewelry collection at my fingertips. Not to mention, spending one night after work, making 10 new girlfriends at a trunk show was, and still is, a whole lot of fun.

What I did not know was that I was about to stumble upon my calling. I truly believe my reason for being is to help other women build a business they love, a business that brings them and their families better lives. It might look like buying new fall boots without guilt, a date night without looking at menu prices, dance lessons for the girls, summer camp tuitions, trips to Disney World, European vacations, yoga teacher certifications, and even the ability to leave that miserable day job once and for all.

I am always looking for intelligent, ambitious women to become stylists on our team. All you need is confidence, a love for people and the willingness to work hard. In return you receive the opportunity of a lifetime, an amazing accessories collection, and, oh yeah, your dream job.

As the youngest Star Director in the country, I have nearly 400 stylists on my fantastic team and there’s room for more.

What does being a stylist look like? It’s designing the business that works best for you and your lifestyle. It might be sharing the style with friends on Facebook, doing a show a month for extra spending money, or it may be doing one or two shows a week for a considerable part time or full time income. You are your own boss, surrounded by a positive, encouraging tribe of women cheering you on along the way.

So this all sounds great, but maybe you think it doesn’t apply to you, or you still have doubts.

While you can find more information on being a stylist here, these are the frequently asked questions I most often receive, beyond the nuts and bolts of the business:

I live nowhere near Des Moines, Iowa, can I still be on your team?

Absolutely! I coach women all over the country and world via phone and Skype. Our team has an active, engaged Facebook group, where you will instantly find a tribe of hundreds of positive, engaged women cheering you on!

Stella & Dot does not have territories, and stylists can attend stylist meet ups in their city, regardless of team. We can’t wait to welcome you.

Will I have support? Who will help me get started?

YES! You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

I strongly believe in providing my stylists whatever support they need to succeed, and that includes the best possible training.

Once you sign up, you and I will set a date for an in person (if within driving distance) or phone/Skype new stylist training. We will talk through your goals, strategize what will be the best way to get you there, and make a plan tailored just for you. This is not one size fits all training, it’s all about helping YOU succeed.

After that, I like to check in with my stylists weekly while they are getting their businesses off the ground and can continue those calls based on their needs and goals.

You will also have access to Stella & Dot’s incredible online training, including videos, recordings, and live conference calls you can listen to on the go.

You seem to do a lot of shows. I just want to try this business out and have a show here and there. Can I still be on your team?

Yes! As long as you sincerely want to try to build a Stella & Dot business, no matter how big or small, I would love to help you.

If you are just wanting a discount or to get free jewelry, I would suggest hosting a show. You will earn hundreds free, plus half off items. It’s a much better deal than signing up as a stylist with no intention of having a business.

Is there a quota? Will you be pressuring me to sell all the time?

High pressured tactics are not my style. It’s your business your way, remember? As a stylist, there is no sales quota, but as you build a team, there are doable sales minimums to meet to ensure you are being an authentic leader.

You will never receive a call from me demanding to know where your sales are, that’s not how I lead and it’s not my style. However, I am a coach. If I see you are within striking distance of a bonus or goal, I am going to make you aware and offer ideas on how to make it happen. It’s up to you if want to or not, not me.

I have never sold anything, and I know nothing about fashion. Can I still be a stylist?

You’re not alone! Most of the stylists on my team had little to no formal sales experience, and we probably have just as many non-fashionistas as fashion plates.

You will have access to plenty of training, but to be honest, I never see myself as being in sales, but more service. I’m just sharing what I love and what I think someone else would enjoy. Once you see the jewelry in person, you will see it really does sell itself.

I talked about being a stylist to my friends, and they were not supportive. How can I do this if they won’t buy from me?

It happens! Our friends and family love us and are good people, but often they don’t see the same vision we do. When I told my friends and family I was going to move to Iowa and sell jewelry, they thought I was nuts! Trust me, I heard every reason why it would not work, and I am grateful I did not listen to them.

When you first sign up, we will create your very own “Who Do You Know” list, which I can assure you will be bigger than you imagined. Like any business, you will start with friends and family (only supportive ones!), but my goal is to have you working with strangers as quickly as possible. No one wants you to be the person everyone avoids at Thanksgiving!

No business can be supported by friends and family alone. As an illustration, think of a restaurant. On opening night, the only people there are friends and family. However, if it is only friends and family dining there a year later, that restaurant is going out of business!

I am so busy! I have ______ (insert 12 kids, 3 dogs, a demanding job, aging parents, a PTA Presidency, a house under construction, etc.) How will I have time to be a stylist?

Aren’t we all busy? Being a stylist is easier than you think. For many, it’s a guiltless girls night out, a way to get out of bath time for one night, have adult conversation, and make money while doing it! Can you find a few hours in your week? You can be a stylist!

What if I fail? What will happen?

As long as you make a sincere effort, following the training given to you, I highly doubt you will actually fail. However, if you discover this is not your thing, that is perfectly understandable. Being a Stella & Dot stylist is not for everyone. Sometimes it is not a good fit, sometimes life just gets in the way.

I can promise you that my gym does not take it personally that they rarely see me, even though I was all talk about what classes I would take, bought fancy gym clothes, and once went quite often. We are all good!

Many former stylists on my team have become fabulous hostesses and remain great friends. If it does not work out, I will think nothing but wonderful things about you and hope you find something that brings you just as much happiness and joy as Stella & Dot has been for me and others.

On the bright side, you now have a killer accessories collection.

You are closer now than ever to realizing all the things you’ve always wanted, it’s time for the next step!

Have more questions? Want to discuss further? Drop me a note or schedule a time to talk.

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