Change of Direction: Manda Elwell

Stella & Dot is so much more than a few sentences strung together.

S&D is a giver, it has given me multiple vacations (San Antonio, Paris, London, Rome, Scotland, and, soon, Aruba) but more importantly it has given me dreams, drive, and dollars! I am mother of three teens, a former first grade teacher and I hadn’t worked in 12 years when S&D came into my life!

I decided to DREAM big! Grace, my upline, was AMAZING at helping me as a new stylist maximize my jumpstart and get a plan in motion. She gave me everything I needed to create a successful business!

I continue to drive my business and 18 months later I am still focusing on customer service, happily styling my friends, family and women I meet in my community. And the reality of S&D is the dollars, getting that payment notification via email is always my best part! I don’t know anyone in this industry who pays their sales people this well with such great perks!

And the reality of S&D is the dollars.

What is your WHY? And how far to do want to take S&D! I love what it has given me 3D vision (dreams, drive, dollars).