Changed Life: Natascha Heiden

Yes, Stella & Dot changed my life! In quite a few ways! I’ve been a stylist since October 2014 with Shawn Peterson being my sponsor.

I just turned 42 and am a mom of two. Our daughter Amelie turned 4 in December and we were gifted to finally have her after a fertility treatment. Our son Jerry turned one year old in December. He is a foster child and will stay/live/be with us forever as he is a long-term foster.

I was a social educator and worker and worked with psychically ill people. When Amelie finally came, I was so called to stay at home and be a mom. That’s when my feeling of “I guess I’ll never be a social worker again” started. Well, maybe not a paid one.

Now how did Stella & Dot change me and my life? The only sales experience I had was working as a waitress while studying at university to finance my studies. But really selling a product? Nope. This is so completely new to me!

I never thought I’d talk to strangers this way – it makes me look at people differently and approach them differently.

Before Stella & Dot I shyly talked about how I love being a mom and would rather listen to others tell their stories. Now I am the one saying: “I am a stay-at-home mom of two and I am a Stella & Dot Stylist”

Even my ever-so-sceptical husband now says: “Even if you do not make that much money with it but keep it level with the spending money for the new jewels needed, it’s more than a win. You get to do something fun in so many different ways and get to go out for those sessions.”

So, while I may not be one of the straight-up-shooting stars I still find my way and find that Stella & Dot not only changed me but my whole family. Just a short while back I found myself waiting for the spring line samples to arrive so badly, I checked every other minute if I would finally get a shipping confirmation! I never would have believed anybody if I was told this would be me.

It even brought another dimension to my sponsor Shawn and me, as we two aren’t blood-related but really have felt – and still do – as sisters.