Om-possible? My Top Tips Starting a Meditation Practice 

Every so often, I hear it.

“You seem calmer.”

Yes.  That’s on purpose.

My mornings used to look something like this: hitting the snooze button on repeat, practically injecting coffee into my veins, all followed by a day of grazing snacks, usually while standing, in between frantic calls, always believing the world was going to come crashing down – any minute.

It was exhausting.

Today, I wake up by 6am most days, I kicked caffeine a year and a half ago, and I prepare three healthy meals a day, all eaten at my kitchen table.  While there are a host of other lifestyle changes I can list, 30 minutes of quiet time each morning truly sets up my day.

Maybe you’re reading this and going, “Sitting still for 30 minutes?  When would I have time?”

Here are my top tips for starting a meditation practice:

1) Start Small and Where You Are.   It’s easy to think you need a ton of time or to install a gorgeous meditation room in your home. However, just start with what you have right where you are.  At the beginning of you work day, try five minutes of quiet time.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Stop, close your eyes, and breathe for several minutes.  It can be in your car in the school parking lot, even in the work bathroom.  Don’t look for the perfect opportunity, create it for yourself.

2) Be Nice to Yourself.  Starting out, you’re going to sit and think of grocery list, the appointments you have for the day, and what you should be doing instead of this annoying meditation practice you can’t believe you are trying.  Doesn’t anyone know how busy you are?!

Try different mental exercises to clear you mind.  Maybe it’s imagining your thoughts as thought bubbles that float away.  Every time you think of something, just say the word, “Gone.”  It could also be as simple as focusing on your breath – inhale and exhale.  Just like no one can do a crow pose on their first day of yoga class, it is going to take time and patience to start building a practice.

3) Find a Meditation Book.  Every morning, read from a daily meditation book and ponder  while you sit in your quiet time.  Some of  my favorites:

Jesus Calling, The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie, Until Today by Iyanla Vanzant

4) Have Gratitude.  It’s very simple – think of things you are grateful for, even when it can seem impossible.  If you are not in a place to have your own gratitude, wish for other people’s happiness.  I’m currently reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris.  One exercise he suggests is to think of three people and genuinely wish for them to be happy.  It is really hard to be in a bad mood after doing that.

Am I missing anything?  Comment below with your tips and morning routines.